All new students and many continuing students are assigned advising codes. This 6-digit number is required before registering and is given to you when you are advised.

New students should attend Ram Orientation and will be advised there. To register for Ram Orientation, go to the Orientation and Transition Programs website.

Continuing students should contact their major departments for advising.

Before registering for classes, students must first obtain an NetID. To do so, go to the NetID website and select “Get an eID/NetID.”

Once a NetID is created, it takes four hours for it to become active before logging into RAMweb . You will use this NetID to log onto RAMweb, Canvas, your CSU email account, and other sites.

Before you can access registration, you must complete Registration Ready!

If you are a new student, go to the NetID accordion above to make sure your access and pre-registration steps are completed.

If you are a returning student, complete Registration Ready prior to attempting to register for courses.

Registering for Courses

  1. Log onto RAMweb.
  2. After completing Registration Ready, select “Go to Registration” at the bottom of the Registration box on the RAMweb homepage.
  3. After reading the Course Registration Information, select “Continue to Registration.”
  4. Select “Register for Classes.” On the following page, select the term for which you would like to make registration changes.
  5. You will need to verify your identity using Duo and a second factor device. For more information on Duo authentication: 
  6. Enter your search criteria and then select “Search.” When the classes appear and you find what you would like to register for, select “add.” (For information about the “view linked” and “add all” options, refer to our registration help documents. You have to sign in with your NetID to view these documents.)
  7. The selected course(s) will appear in the Summary section with a status of “Pending.” With the action of “Register on Web” selected, click “Submit.” (For information regarding the “Conditional Add/Drop” button, view our registration help documents.)
  8. For any courses which registration was not successful, an error message will appear in the upper right hand corner of the page.
  9. To verify the registration was successful, verify the status has turned green with the word “Registered.”
  10. If you need further assistance, utilize our help documents.


The error message in the upper right hand corner of the screen will list the reason(s) the registration was not successful. Selecting the “Course Title” link will open a Class Details box. By selecting the “Course Description” tab and/or the “Restrictions” tab, you will find information which can help you to understand why the registration was unsuccessful. For any unsuccessful registrations, you may want to select another section or another course to complete your schedule. Some courses you attempt to register for are unavailable due to demand. If so, the following options are available to you:

  • Try again later to attempt to add the course as space becomes available, or register for the waitlist.
  • Add another recommended course or one from your alternate list.
  • Contact your advisor for assistance in selecting another course.
  • Seek an override.
  • For deadlines to make changes in your schedule, refer to your “Registered Courses” on RAMweb . The add, drop, and withdraw deadlines for each course are listed beneath the course title. Use this information along with the course information provided by the online search options.