In an effort to better safeguard personal information, beginning June 2023 Colorado State University will require DUO Two-Factor Authentication for accessing:

  • Registration in RAMweb
  • Faculty Grade Entry in ARIESweb

Duo was put into place in 2021 for Microsoft Teams access and other Microsoft 365 services, such as email.

What is DUO Two-Factor Authentication?

Over the past several years, the Division of Information Technology has been expanding the existing DUO authentication process to better protect against cyber-attacks, which can shut down a campus for days while systems are locked down and data is restored. DUO is a tool that provides two-factor authentication to better protect accounts by requiring an additional piece of information beyond a typical username and password.

Setting up Duo Two-Factor Authentication

For more information on how to set up Duo Two-Factor Authentication, visit This page contains links to the HelpDesk and Duo tools.

Need Assistance with DUO?

Contact the Division of IT Help Desk: