Grading in education is a process of applying standardized measurements of achievement in a course.

At CSU, grades can be a traditional letter scale (A-F). Some faculty use the +/- system while others do not. Grades may also be S/U (Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory) or AU (Audit). All grades are averaged to create a grade point average for the semester (term GPA). A cumulative grade point average is a calculation of the average of all student’s grades for courses taken at CSU.

GPA is calculated in the following method: 

  • Calculate total quality points by using the chart below. Multiply the quality points for a grade by the number of credits (courses taken at CSU).
  • Add up the total number of credits and the total number of quality points
  • Divide the total quality points by the total credits to calculate GPA.

Grade Received GPA Chart

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Grade Received Grade Points Per Credit
A+ 4.000
A 4.000
A- 3.667
B+ 3.334
B 3.000
B- 2.667
C+ 2.334
C 2.000
C- 1.667**
D+ 1.334**
D 1.000
D- 0.667
I *
F 0.000
RD (Repeat Delete) @
W (Withdrawal) *
S (Satisfactory)
H (Honors)
U (Unsatisfactory) ?
AU (Audit) *
NG (No Grade Reported) *
NGC (Non-gradable Component)

@ Repeat Repair: First Grade does not count towards your GPA.
* Credits not used to compute GPA and not counted towards graduation.
** The C-, D+ and D- are not valid grading options for CSU courses as of the Fall 2008 term (Faculty Council: 1/31/2008)
Credits not used to compute GPA but counted towards graduation.
? Credits not used to compute GPA and not counted towards graduation. Performance equivalent to a grade of F is recorded as a U (Unsatisfactory).
Component of a multiple component course which does not receive a grade or credit separate from the credit and grade bearing component of the course.