Your anticipated graduation date is very important. Colorado State University is required by federal law to collect information on all degree-seeking students which specifies when a student expects to graduate. Students file their anticipated graduation date/intent to graduate (typically once a student reaches 85 credits) every term through Registration Ready in RAMweb. Students’ anticipated graduation date, along with enrollment data, are sent to the National Student Clearinghouse for loan and insurance enrollment verification purposes. Keep the anticipated graduation date current. A graduation date earlier than an actual graduation date may put the student in a situation where they are expected to start repaying loans.

Undergraduate Students

Students needing to change their anticipated graduation date after completing Registration Ready and prior to completing the next semester’s Registration Ready will need to contact the Office of the Registrar.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must also declare their intent to graduate with the Graduate School through the GS25 Form, in addition to filing their anticipated graduation date through Registration Ready. The Graduate School provides more information.