Credit is generally only considered from international tertiary institutions recognized by the ministry of education or a similar accrediting body in the home country of the institution. You may be considered for transfer credit at Colorado State University if courses are consistent in level, duration, hours of lecture, discussion and course content compared to coursework offered at CSU. The coursework must be consistent with CSU courses, majors, and programs to be considered.

You should be aware the majority of international institutions’ coursework is converted to the U.S. semester based system, unless there is an official CSU Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) allowing for an alternate credit evaluation option. A conversion factor will be used to determine the U.S. credit equivalency for each course. No more than 18 credit hours per term or 36 credit hours in any academic year may transfer. Contact the Office of the Registrar to determine the official credit conversion as well as the grade equivalencies.

Education Abroad

The Education Abroad Office offers multifaceted programs to all students, including for-credit and not-for-credit opportunities for study, research, internships, and service learning. Some examples of these new opportunities include agricultural courses with internships in France, field methods training in Kenya and Belize, as well as business internships in China and Ireland. Short term opportunities for cultural exchange and service learning are growing to meet student interest.

Students interested in Studying Abroad should work closely with the Education Abroad team to determine how courses will transfer back to Colorado State. One of the most important steps is to fill out the Education Abroad Transfer Credit Approval Form. Once students fill out their portion of the form, the form can be submitted below for processing by our International Evaluation unit.

The backs of two students who are studying abroad and looking at an ancient building