Historical academic information may be needed by alumni, particularly when transferring to another school or seeking professional licensure. Course descriptions from 1993 to present are available online to print on demand from the Historical General Catalog. For these course descriptions, print the catalog cover indicating the academic year, the key to Courses of Instruction, and the individual course description. These are found toward the back of each catalog. For descriptions prior to 1993, complete the Course Description Request form. The form may be scanned and emailed to the Office of the Registrar, faxed to us at (970) 491-2283, or mailed to us at the address on the form.

Syllabi are only available through the departments. You may find contact information for departments by going to colostate.edu and selecting Resources in the upper right corner. The next page has CSU A-Z. Click on the appropriate letter for the department, such as H for History, and then on the name to be redirected to their web page.