Reverse Transfer (formerly “Degree Within Reach”) is a process that began in 2014. It allows students who transferred from a Colorado two-year institution to a four-year institution to combine credits apply them toward an associate degree from their two-year institution.

If you are a transfer student, this means you can earn the associate degree you started at your community college while working toward your bachelor’s degree. You could be eligible even if you recently left a four-year institution before earning a degree.


You may be eligible for Reverse Transfer if:

  • You have completed 15 credit hours at a community college in Colorado;
  • You have a minimum of 70 credit hours, including coursework at one of the participating four-year institutions;
  • You transferred to that four-year institution since Summer 2012;
  • Your completed credit hours meet the requirements for an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of General Studies, to be determined via a degree audit;
  • You have not requested that your data be withheld
  • You have not already received an associate or bachelor’s degree.

If you are currently not enrolled at Colorado State University but have been within the last two years—and you meet the above requirements—you may be eligible. 

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