A registration waitlist is an electronic list of students who are waiting to register for a full class. Students may sign up when they attempt to register for a section at full capacity. The first student on the registration waitlist is notified via email (and via text message IF the student has requested this feature) when a space becomes available. This student then has 24 hours to register for the section. If the student does not register for the section within the 24 hour timeframe, they will be dropped from the Registration Waitlist for that section and the next student on the list will be notified.

You may get on a registration waitlist when you attempt to register for a section that is full. When the class drops to the summary section of your registration page, you may select “Waitlist” from the drop down menu under “Action.” If there is no space available on the waitlist for that section, you will not have the option to waitlist, and the Registration Add Error will indicate “This Section is Full.”

You can see where you are on the registration waitlist for a specific section through the Waitlisted Classes link in RAMweb.

Prerequisites and restrictions are checked before you are allowed to join a waitlist, but possible time conflicts with the desired course are not checked to allow scheduling flexibility.

You can ask the instructor or department for an override for enrollment capacity. If they cannot give one, keep checking to see if a space becomes available on the registration waitlist. However, being on the registration waitlist does not guarantee you will get in the class.

An email will be sent to your CSU email, notifying you there is a space available. If you’ve forwarded your email, it will be forwarded to that email address as well. You can also sign up for text notifications through RAMweb. Select “Menu,” “Records,” “Manage Student Record,” and “Text Messaging Options.”

You will have until the deadline noted on the email to register for the section, which is 24 hours from the time the email was sent. If you do not register within that time frame, you will be dropped from the registration waitlist. If you miss your registration window but still wish to register for the class, you may register for the registration waitlist again.

This means an override was given for Enrollment Capacity by the department or the instructor of the section, and the student with the override was able to register before you did. Contact the academic department offering the course as soon as possible.

A ‘Stop Enrollment’ is placed on a section when the department offering the section is individually managing the spaces in the class rather than using the registration waitlist. Go to the department to request an override of the ‘Stop Enrollment’.

The only way someone can register for a full section while people are on the registration waitlist is to get an Enrollment Capacity override from the department or instructor. Contact the course professor or academic department to request an override.

Yes! You may sign up for as many registration waitlists as you choose. There is no limit. However, we strongly urge you to remove yourself from all registration waitlists once your registration has been finalized so others may have an opportunity to join a registration waitlist.

Some undergraduate sections may not have waitlists for a variety of reasons. For example, some undergraduate sections are reserved for Orientation. Contact the course professor or academic department to see if there is availability in the course.

You are responsible for routinely checking your email and/or text messages. If you miss the 24 hour deadline, you must re-register for the registration waitlist if you still wish to register for the course/section.

For standard Fall/Spring terms, students remain on the registration waitlist through the University Census Date (12th day of classes). Notification of an open seat is sent through 11:59 p.m. the Sunday before the second week of classes. As of the second week of classes, waitlist data will be available for departments to view; waitlists are removed after University Census.

You must register for both the lecture and the lab/recitation that goes with it. If a full lab/recitation fits your schedule better, you may sign up for the registration waitlist for the full lab/recitation. When you are notified a space is available in your preferred lab/recitation, you may ‘exchange’ it (drop the one you are registered for and add the one you want at the same time) with the lab/recitation you are already registered for by using the conditional add/drop checkbox. Information on the conditional add/drop checkbox can be found on our Registration System Help Documents page. Log in with your NetID and NetID password to view the documents.

No, you may only be on the waitlist one time for a section. If you are dropped from the waitlist or if you drop yourself from the waitlist, you may sign up for the waitlist again but you may not be on the waitlist for a single section multiple times at once.

When the “Add” button is grayed out, it means the waitlist capacity is at 0. This frequently occurs after the first week of classes is completed, as the second week becomes the “Add with Override” time frame. Since the time to free add a course has ended, the waitlist no longer functions starting the second week of courses. Contact the instructor to see if they can make an exception for you to be added to the class.