Courses may be added and dropped on RAMweb through the end of the Add/Drop period for the individual class. After the first week of class, an Add Restriction override from the instructor is required to add a course. The specific Add/Drop deadline for each course is listed on the online Class Schedule or on “Registered Courses” on RAMweb . When an on-campus course is dropped, any charges associated with the course are refunded. For refunds associated with Continuing Education online courses, refer to CSU Online.

A $50 late registration fee will be assessed to any student adding their first class or Continuous Registration on or after the first day of classes.

Some courses have early drop dates and no withdraw period. These dates are indicated on the Class Schedule and, if registered for the course, on the “Registered Courses” page on RAMweb . To drop or withdraw from these courses, a Late Registration Change Request Form must be obtained from the instructor of the course indicating this request. The form must be submitted with a photo ID to the Office of the Registrar before the University add/drop or withdraw deadline.

If you need to change credits on a variable credit, you may do so through the end of the Add/Drop period.

  1. Go to the registration page in RAMweb. This will show registration for a given term.
  2. Go to the “Schedule and Options” tab in the upper left and locate the class. Select the credit amount, which will show the default number of credits underlined, such as 1.
  3. Type in the number of credits hours you have been approved to take. Select “Submit.”
  4. A “Save Successful” notification should appear.

If you need to register for a course after the Add/Drop period for the course, you will need to contact the instructor of the course to get a Late Registration Change Request Form. You may speak to the instructor when requesting the form to see if the course will be COF eligible. All late adds are subject to a $50 late fee, as well as all other applicable tuition and fee charges. If the late add was required due to documentable extenuating circumstances or university error, a $50 Late Fee Appeal may be submitted to ask that this charge be removed. For more information on Late Registration, visit our Late Registration FAQs page.

Course withdrawal is available on RAMweb through the end of the withdraw period for the individual class. The specific date is listed on the Class Schedule or on the “Registered Courses” page on RAMweb. When withdrawing from a course, a W will appear in place of the grade. This does not impact GPA. There is no refund of charges associated with the course in the case of a withdrawal for an on-campus course. For charges associated with withdrawing from a Continuing Education online course, refer to CSU Online.

To drop or withdraw from a course after the Add/Drop or Withdrawal deadlines, complete a Registration Appeal. The Registration Appeal should be printed off and submitted with the appropriate documentation as listed on the checklist to the Office of the Registrar. Normally, a decision is made within four weeks, and notification of the decision is sent to the student’s CSU email.

University Withdrawal refers to a student withdrawing from all classes for a given term, starting the first day of the term and on or before the last day of classes (before Final Exams week).

Any student interested in completing a University Withdrawal for a Fall or Spring term will do so through RAMweb. To access the University Withdrawal, students will log into RAMweb, select  “Menu,” then “Registration,” and then “University Withdrawal”. Students are encouraged to discuss their plans to complete a University Withdrawal with the following, as applicable: advisor, Office of Financial AidVeterans Education Benefits OfficeStudent Athlete Support ServicesInternational Student and Scholar ServicesCSU Online, the Graduate SchoolStudent Accounts, and the Perkins Loan office.

During Summer, students can drop and/or withdraw from all of their courses through Registration on RAMweb, following the applicable course drop and withdrawal deadlines, rather than complete a University Withdrawal. Due to multiple Summer Sessions, drop and withdrawal dates vary. The course schedule should be referenced to confirm deadlines. Students who miss these deadlines due to extenuating and documentable circumstances are encouraged to consult with their advisor.

University Withdrawal assessment rates can be found for each term on the Registration Dates. Some fees are not refundable. These include the University Facility Fee, the University Technology Fee, and the Charges for Technology (based on a student’s major).

A comment will appear on your transcript indicating the withdrawal and the date.

Schedule for the Rate of Assessment for Spring 2021:

  • Week 1 – January 19-24, 2021: 0% assessment of tuition and general fees
  • Week 2 – January 25-31, 2021: 0% assessment of tuition and general fees
  • Week 3 – February 1-7, 2021: 25% assessment of tuition and general fees
  • Week 4 – February 8-14, 2021: 50% assessment of tuition and general fees
  • Week 5 – February 15, 2021 through the last day of classes (before Final Exams week): 100% assessment of tuition and general fees

Continuous Registration is a special status graduate students may register for in place of credit-bearing courses any semester they are attending Colorado State University, in order to remain admitted to and affiliated with the University. Continuous Registration gives you access to the library, campus computer services, etc. There is a $150.00 fee charged for Continuous Registration, as well as the $25 University Technology Fee. The student will need to register for the course through RAMweb. For more information, contact the Graduate School.