The Cambridge Pre-U examination is a United Kingdom qualification from the University of Cambridge International Examinations and is an alternative to the current A-Level qualification. The Global Perspectives and Research Report (GPR) may be considered for credit on a case by case basis.

Credit can be used toward the 120 credit minimum requirement for graduation. This minimum requirement for entry is P3. Scores of D1-D3, M1-M3 and P1-P3 will be considered for credit as they are equivalent to a “C” or better grade. A MAXIMUM of 36.0 semester hours may be awarded for Cambridge Pre-U exams.

The academic department responsible for the course in which the test is granted will determine what equivalency will be awarded. The determination by the department of an equivalency for an exam will be a final decision and cannot be re-evaluated or appealed. Examinations are currently under review and will be posted as received from departments. Check back regularly or contact the Degree and Transfer Evaluation unit in the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

A-Level Equivalencies

Credit for most exams is awarded at the Advanced-Subsidiary Level or the Advanced-Level (as long as a grade of E or higher in the Cambridge system is earned). Credits may be used toward the 120 credit minimum requirement for graduation and may be used toward general education (All University Core Curriculum) requirements. 

For more information about AS/A-Level Exams or questions related to equivalencies, contact the Office of the Registrar at (970) 491-4860.

The equivalency list is a sampling of the available examinations. The comprehensive list would be too large for this application. If you have taken or want to take an A-Level Exam not listed in the archive, please contact the Office of the Registrar via our International email.

These equivalencies are based on an initial review by the Degree and Transfer Evaluation Unit of the Office of the Registrar and are eligible for re-evaluation by the department that teaches similar courses at Colorado State University.

A-Level Equivalencies Archive