The Office of the Registrar released a new, completely electronic way to change your Academic Program (major, minor, concentration, or certificate). This tool is now available and replaced the Change of Major form. If, after referring to the instructions below, you need further guidance regarding the Academic Program Change, feel free to reach out to the Office of the Registrar.

Instructions for the Academic Program Change Tool

Current students can now access the Academic Program Change tool in their RAMweb by logging in and selecting Menu > Records > Manage Student Record > Academic Program Change. 

To make a change to your Academic Program (changing your major, adding a second major, declaring a concentration, or adding a minor or certificate), you must contact the department offering the Academic Program. They will initiate the change for you. Once they do so, you will be able to approve the request in the Academic Program Change page in RAMweb. Refer to our Quick Guide for Reviewing/Approving a Pending Change in RAMweb for more information.

To remove a program from your student record, use the Drop Academic Program tool in the Academic Program Change page in RAMweb. You must always have at least one active major, and be sure to discuss any program changes with your Academic Advisor/Academic Success Coordinator.

To initiate a Academic Program Change Request for a current student, log into ARIESweb and use the ARIESweb Quick Search to pull up a student’s record. Underneath “Advisor Student Tools”, there will be a link called “Academic Program Change – Undergraduate”. Select the link to navigate to the Academic Program Change tool.

Once you are in the tool, you will see the student’s current programs and their Academic Program Change history. To create a new Academic Program Change Request for a program you directly advise, follow the steps in the box at the bottom of the page. 

Students are able to drop programs already on their account on their own, but they need you to initiate all program adds and priority adjustments.

Refer to the documentation below for more information on utilizing the Academic Program Change tool in ARIESweb.

Undergraduate students who are newly admitted or readmitted for a future term and Graduate Students can view the steps to change their Academic Program on our Major/Minor/Concentration/Certification Changes page.