Colorado State University, in cooperation with the Colorado School of Mines, the University of Northern Colorado and the University of Colorado, provides tuition-free instruction for graduate students through a reciprocal agreement. Additionally, through a cooperative program with Aims Community College (Greeley), full-time Colorado State students may register for one course (maximum of five credits) per term at ACC without additional tuition assessment.

AIMS Community College Exchange Agreement

Eligibility: Students must be enrolled at home institution in resident instruction courses (i.e. NOT Continuing Education or online courses, or placement credit courses), and be registered for 12 academic credits (9 for summer) for the corresponding term for which they are registered at the host institution.

Course Restriction: Registration for a maximum of one undergraduate, resident instruction (i.e. not Continuing Education or online) course not to exceed 5 credits per term is authorized. Registration will be subject to the availability of the course and the student meeting the prerequisites.

Tuition: Tuition and student fees for the course taken under this agreement will not be charged to the eligible student. Applicable course fees will be paid by the student. If the student is determined to be ineligible for this cooperative registration agreement, applicable tuition and student fees will be assessed and the student will be responsible for the payment of these charges.

CSU Student taking a course at Aims Community College

  1. Apply to Aims Community College and complete the CSU & AIMS Exchange form.
  2. Submit form to the Business Office/Accounts Receivable at Aims Community College at the time of registration to avoid required down payments, late fee charges, or dropping of classes by the College.

Aims Community College Student taking a course at CSU

  1. Apply to Colorado State University as a GUEST student through Admissions.
  2. Submit completed CSU & AIMS Exchange form to Admissions.

Northern Colorado Graduate Exchange Agreement

(Students may be required to pay university technology fees).

The following conditions must be met to qualify for the program:

  1. The graduate student is registered and paying full tuition and fees at home institution.
  2.  The course requested is part of a regular load – not an overload.
  3. The student is working on an advanced degree.
  4. The course requested will be used to meet degree requirements or is a prerequisite for a required course.
  5. The course is not offered on the student’s own campus when that student can enroll.
  6. The request is presented prior to registration for the semester the course is to be taken.
  7. The request is presented any term except graduation term.
  8. A separate request form is completed for each course taken.
  9. Space is available in the course.

To exercise this option, students need to complete the Request to Take a Course Under the Exchange Agreement Form, available in the Office of the Registrar, and submit it to their home institution’s Registrar’s office with required signatures.