I am a Graduating Senior from High School and Took Coursework at a College—What do I need to do?

You must request an Official Transcript be sent from the College you attended to CSU.

Send your Official Transcript to:

Ammons Hall
1062 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1062
electronically: etranscripts@colostate.edu

NOTE: Coursework from College experiences listed on your High School Transcript will not be considered official and will not be added to your record for transfer credit.

An Official Transcript is required from each Post-Secondary Institution attended for consideration of Transfer Credit.
Official transcripts for concurrent enrollment are required for Admission to CSU.

Please see the Admissions website for more information.

Tips for High School students who are considering concurrent enrollment

Make sure the courses you select align with your interests and potential major.

Do not select courses that you will be getting credit for with AP credit.

Be knowledgeable about your major choice at CSU—some programs may recommend that you take the CSU course for credit instead of the AP course (depending on your score) as they have data that confirms students with a score of 3 will be more successful if they retake the course at CSU. (i.e. Engineering, Some Science majors, etc..)

Utilize Major Completion Maps and Transferology.