DANTES (DSST) Evaluation

Credit may be allowed for DSST tests if the score received is at the ACE minimum score recommended or higher and the academic department at Colorado State recommends that credit be awarded. To have DSST exam evaluated a DSST Transcript, SMART form, ACE Transcript, or DD-214 Form, showing the exams taken and scores received, must be supplied to the Registrar’s Office at Centennial Hall.


2016-2017Archived DANTES Equivalencies

These equivalencies have been determined by the appropriate college/department and are not eligible for re-evaluation.

Score Scales & Score Reporting

The new score scale introduced for the 2008 and later exams uses scores ranging from 200 to 500, with the cut score (pass point) set at 400 for all exams.

Testing Organization:  Prometric; Pearson Learning Solutions

Examination Titles ACE Course Number Course Level Score Credit Hours CSU Equivalency
A History of the Vietnam War DANT-0062 UD No Credit Awarded
Art of the Western World DANT – 0054 LD 400 No Credit Awarded
Astronomy DANT-0057 LD No Credit Awarded
Business Ethics and Society DANT-0052 UD 400  3 BUS 220
Business Mathematics DANT-0012 LD 400  3 MATH 1++1B
Civil War & Reconstruction, The DANT-0056 UD No Credit Awarded
Criminal Justice DANT-0015 LD No Credit Awarded
Environment and Humanity:  The Race to Save the Planet DANT-0058 LD 400  3 NR 130
Ethics in America DANT-0018 UD No Credit Awarded
Foundations of Education DANT-0060 LD 400 No Credit Awarded
Fundamentals of College Algebra DANT-0049 LD No Credit Awarded
Fundamentals of Counseling DANT-0061 LD 400 No Credit Awarded
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity DANT-0053 LD 400  3 CS 3++
Here’s to Your Health DANT-0023 LD No Credit Awarded
Human/Cultural Geography DANT-0071 LD 400  3 GR 100
Introduction to Business DANT-0026 LD 400 3 BUS 100
Introduction to Computing DANT-0028 LD 400 3 CS 1++
Introduction to Law Enforcement DANT-0064 UD 400 No Credit Awarded
Introduction to World Religions DANT-0031 UD 400  3 PHIL 170
Lifespan Developmental Psychology DANT-0065 LD 400  3 PSY 175
Management Information Systems DANT-0050 LD 400 3 CIS 200
Organizational Behavior DANT-0066 LD 400 3 MGT 310
Personal Finance DANT-0037 LD No Credit Awarded
Principles of Finance DANT-0041 UD 400 3 FIN 300
Principles of Physical Science I DANT-0068 LD No Credit Awarded
Principles of Public Speaking DANT-0069 LD 400 No Credit Awarded
Principles of Statistics DANT-0046 LD 400 No Credit Awarded
Principles of Supervision DANT-0047 LD 400 No Credit Awarded
Substance Abuse DANT-0051 UD 400 No Credit Awarded
Technical Writing DANT-0072 LD No Credit Awarded

LD – lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category
UD – upper division baccalaureate degree category