Statewide Agreements in Colorado

The purpose of a statewide transfer articulation agreement is to identify the courses a student at a Colorado public community college must complete as part of an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree to be guaranteed to be able to complete a Bachelor’s degree program at any public four-year college or university that offer Bachelor  degree programs. Click the link below to the expand the list of Statewide Agreements.

Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) website.

CSU specific Statewide Agreements


Transfer from a California Community College

Your study and completion of the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) at a California Community College may be eligible for direct transfer credit in to the Colorado State University All University Curriculum Core requirements (AUCC). Please see the Guides and Planning Worksheets Colorado State University is in the process of expanding this list of IGETC Transfer Guides and Planning Worksheets. If you do not see the California Institution you are attending, please contact the Transfer Student Center. The staff at the Transfer Student Center will be happy to work with you individually to plan your transition to Colorado State University.

Current CSU Transfer Guides

If you are attending a Colorado Community or Junior College and you are interested in transferring to Colorado State University these guides will provide you with information on what courses you should take towards your Associates Degree. The courses listed in the guides use the course titles and numbers from the Colorado Community College system.

If you complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree and follow the Transfer Guide coursework recommendations exactly as written, you will be guaranteed that only 60 credits of coursework remains towards completion of your CSU Bachelor’s degree. This is called a 60 + 60 transfer plan.

CSU Transfer Guides

Transfer Guide Archive InformationTransfer Guide Archive

Curricular innovations occasionally require updates to the listed courses in Transfer Guides. When that occurs, Transfer Guides that were previously published but are no longer in effect are moved to this Archive. Outdated Transfer Guides that have been moved to this Archive will continue to be honored for 2 calendar years after their end date.

All end dates for a Transfer Guide will be in the summer semester. The 2-year period for which guides will be honored includes students that start in the fall semester after the 2 years has elapsed. (i.e. A guide that ended in Summer 2010 would have been honored for students that started their first course at CSU by the Fall 2012 semester).

Students must transfer with an AA/AS completed at a Colorado Community College and have completed all the coursework identified on the guide in order for the guarantee of a minimum number of credits for completion of the degree program to be honored.

Students who have been following an outdated Transfer Guide and begin courses at CSU after the 2-year period has elapsed will not be guaranteed that they can finish that major in the minimum number of credits established for the program. For questions or concerns please contact the Degree and Transfer Evaluation unit at 970-491-4860.


Agricultural Business:

Biology – Biological Science (BS)

Chemistry (BS):  Effective Spring 2010 – Fall 2014

English – English Literature concentration (BS): Effective Fall 2010 – Fall 2014

Geology (BS): Effective Spring 2010 – Summer 2014

Horticulture Business Management (BS)

Journalism & Technical Communication: News-editorial concentration (BA): Effective Spring 2010 – Fall 2014

Music (BA): Effective Spring 2010 – Fall 2014

Natural Resource Economics (BS): Effective Spring 2011 – FAll 2014

Watershed_Science_BS: Effective Fall 2013 – Summer 2015