The Office of the Registrar emails students who are on Planned Leave approximately one month prior to registration opening for the semester the student indicated they would return. This email reminds students to complete the return process and encourages them to register during their registration window after meeting with an advisor.

Students returning after Planned Leave:

  • Log in to RAMweb and select the “Planned Leave” link under the Registration heading to complete a few basic prompts:
    • Two safe campus community questions
    • A brief Residency Affidavit (if applicable).

Once the prompts have been answered, students are either cleared to register or instructed to contact specific campus offices for additional information essential to their return. Students who are instructed to contact other campus offices must do so as soon as possible before completing any of the steps below.

  • Meet with their Academic Success Coordinator/Academic Advisor to ensure their graduation plan is up-to-date and to select appropriate courses for next semester.
  • Contact the Office of Financial Aid to verify aid eligibility. (It is best to do this prior to registering.)
  • Complete Registration Ready and register for classes during the priority registration period.
  • Submit Official Transcripts to CSU if you attended another college or university while taking Planned Leave in order to have coursework evaluated. Students who are returning from Planned Leave taken for medical or mental health reasons or in response to a personal crisis are encouraged to contact Student Case Management at 970-491-8051 to access helpful support for their return.

There is no penalty to students who do not return to CSU as expressed within their Planned Leave request; however, they will no longer be registered for Planned Leave after the scheduled absence if they do not extend their Planned Leave, if applicable, in RAMweb.

Students on Planned Leave who wish to return after more than two semesters away must complete the Office of Admissions’ Returning Student process. The official CSU transcript for such students will reflect University-sanctioned Planned Leave for one or two semesters and then a gap in enrollment for any subsequent terms away from CSU.

At the time of return, a student must be otherwise eligible to register (i.e., have no enrollment restrictions such as an account delinquency, disciplinary hold, or academic disqualification). Additionally, referrals may be made for specialized populations including NCAA D1 Athletes and International Students.