Need to add a class, but need an override or overload?


A registration override may be obtained from the instructor of the course or their designee in the department once the class schedule is available on the web. It is not necessary to wait for the first day of class. The option to override students into a course is at the instructor’s or department’s discretion. When requesting an override, be sure you tell the instructor or department what registration error message you received so that person can provide the correct override. Once the instructor or department representative electronically processes an override, you must register for the course on RAMweb . Depending on what the override is for, you may need to add the class by choosing the “Enter CRNs” tab instead of the “Find Classes” tab. When you enter the CRN, the class should drop to your Summary, and assuming the correct overrides are in place, allow you to complete the registration.

Registration for a credit overload can be accomplished through the student’s advisor. Please allow 24 business hours for the overload to be processed once the advisor submits it. Maximum credit loads without obtaining an overload are as follows:

  • Undergraduate – 18
  • Graduate – 15
  • Professional (DVM) – 26