Planned Leave allows undergraduate students to take up to a two-semester leave from the University for regular fall or spring semesters. These can be consecutive or in two separate terms.

Students who do not intend to take classes and who are eligible for Planned Leave in Fall 2022 should complete the Planned Leave request by 12:00 pm MT on August 18th. The recommended actions to be taken before opting for Planned Leave are outlined on the Requesting or Cancelling Planned Leave page and generally take a couple of days to complete.

Scholarships and COVID-19 Planned Leave

  • For students taking Planned Leave related to COVID-19, we intend to honor institutional scholarships and financial aid and will consider appeals to honor college- and foundation-based scholarships upon return to campus. If your Fall 2022 financial aid disbursement occurs before you are approved for Planned Leave, you will be required to return all funds to the University; financial aid that is returned before classes begin will be honored in the semester of return assuming eligibility requirements are met.
  • For COVID-19 related Planned Leave in the coming year, students may take classes through a Colorado Community College and maintain the right to appeal for retention of scholarships upon return to CSU. College grades will be evaluated and may impact financial aid eligibility upon return to CSU. 
  • Planned Leave is not available if you plan on taking classes through CSU Online. Currently enrolled CSU Online students are still considered active with the university and should work with the Office of Financial Aid and their scholarship providers to confirm eligibility. If you are a CSU Online student, wanting to take a term away, you are eligible for Planned Leave as long as you are not registered for courses.
  • Scholarship and financial aid awards will be made and appeals accepted on the usual timeline after the student has completed the intent to return from Planned Leave.
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