Department of Veterans Affairs Forms

VONAPP:  Veteran’s On-Line Application

VA Form 22-1990:  Application for VA Education Benefits (fillable)

VA Form 22-1990E:  Application for Transfer of Entitlement

CSU VA Forms

Chapter 33 Acknowledgement Form: Acknowledgment of your understanding of basic benefits received as a Ch. 33 student.

Worksheet for GI Bill Enrollment Certification Request: Provides certifying officials with information on how to certify the student for the semester and how many credits to certify. This form MUST BE FILLED OUT EVERY SEMESTER in order to continue receiving benefits at CSU.

Graduate Student Prior Credit Memorandum: This is required when you start in your program or if you change majors/specializations.  The VA requires that CSU report any prior degrees and prior credits that apply towards your current graduate program.

Undergraduate Student Prior Credit memorandum: This is required by all new students to CSU who are bringing in credits in transfer or any time the student changes/adjusts their major/degree program.  This form also requires an Advisor’s signature.

Supplemental Enrollment Form: If you’re planning on taking classes at another institution while pursuing a degree at CSU and wish to receive benefits from that school as well, the classes must be approved by the CSU advisor for transfer to the degree program.

Student Permission/FERPA consent for access form: This form allows you to grant permission to a designated individual related to GI Benefits only. This form will not grant blanket permission or access to your academic record or other related transactions.

Transferring Benefits To/From An Institution

VA Form 22-5490: Dependents’ Application for VA Education Benefits

VA Form 22-1995:  Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (for Ch. 30, 31, 33, 1606 & 1607)

VA Form 22-5495:  Dependents’ Request for Change of Program or Place of Training (for Ch.35)

For Veterans with CH30 Benefits Wishing to Receive CH33 Benefits

Change from 30-33: Use these instructions to convert from Chapter 30 to Chapter 33 benefits.

30-33 Agreement: This form will have you acknowledge that you understand the benefits you will be exhausting (CH30) and the new rules with electing to receive CH33 benefits.

Residency Tuition Adjustment Forms