Major Completion Maps are designed to assist students and their advisors in building a semester-by-semester course schedule that will enable students to complete their baccalaureate degree within the minimum number of semesters established in the major's program of study. 

These maps are built in alignment with the University’s approved programs of study and are formatted to allow a student to sequentially maneuver through their degree program, naturally accomplishing pre-requisites and course restrictions in progression. Major Completion Maps are designed as a guide to assist students in navigating their official program of study. It is the responsibility of students, in consultation with their academic advisors, to ensure all program requirements, according to the official program of study, are satisfied.

Major completion maps are in the process of being developed for every program of study, to view the most current Major Completion Maps, please access the link from the catalog website. If you do not see a Major Completion Map for your degree program, please reference your advisor for the most accurate degree planning information.