At the discretion of the instructor, a temporary grade of Incomplete - 'I' may be given to a student who demonstrates that he/she could not complete the requirements of the course due to circumstances beyond the student's control and not reasonably foreseeable.

A student must be passing a course at the time that an incomplete is requested unless the instructor determines that there are extenuating circumstances to assign an incomplete to a student who is not passing the course.

When an instructor assigns an “I”, he/she shall specify in writing the requirements the student shall fulfill to complete the course as well as the reasons for granting an “I” when the student is not passing the course. The instructor shall retain a copy of this statement in his/her grade records and provide copies to the student and the department head or his/her designee.

NOTE:  The student should not register for the course a second time (to complete the coursework).

After successful completion of the makeup requirements, incomplete grades will be changed by the instructor of record or the department head, in the absence of the instructor of record.

After one year an incomplete will be automatically changed to an “F” (failure) unless the course has been previously completed and a grade change submitted by the instructor or the department head. The temporary grade of “I” must be changed to a grade (e.g., A, B, C, D, F, S, U) prior to the student being awarded his/her diploma from Colorado State University.