Face-to-face Sections

These courses are held in person for the vast majority of the instructional time.

Hybrid Sections

These courses show both a physical classroom and online component in the class schedule; they incorporate a mix of online and in-person elements.  A possible example would be as follows: faculty rotate portions of class through in-person experiences, as well as including remote learning components. 

Online/Distance Sections

These courses are primarily supported by distance delivery methods (Canvas, Microsoft Teams) to allow regular interaction between instructors and students while not sharing the same physical space. These courses can be held synchronously or asynchronously.

Special Sections

Special sections are often internships, practicum, independent study classes, etc. Scheduling is unique and will be determined by the professor and the students in the class. Connect with the listed professor for more information. 

Example of Synchronous Online Class

screenshot of class schedule showing the online course has a time of 11 am to 12:15 pm

Example of Asynchronous Online Class

screenshot of class schedule showing no course time because the course is asynchronous online

Examples of Reading your Class Schedule

Image showing how to read the class schedule to see if classes are being offered in a hybrid, face-to-face, online, or special format