What classes should I take? How do these classes fit into my major?

The tools below will assist you on the road to graduation.

Degree Progress Audit

The Degree Progress Audit provides students, staff, and faculty a tool for degree requirement enforcement. This tool provides each student an individualized audit reflecting their progression through their degree program and, at CSU, serves as the graduation contract for all undergraduate students. A Degree Progress Audit, verifies the completion of University core curriculum, program, minor, and interdisciplinary study requirements. The Audit provides a dynamic report showing all courses required for a student to graduate with their declared majors, minors and interdisciplinary study programs to enhance student degree and program planning. Additionally, the Audit includes how all transfer and CSU courses count towards a student’s degree.

Students can access their Degree Progress Audit for all declared majors and minors through RAMweb:

  • Accessing your Degree Progress Audit:
  • Log into RAMweb
  • Click on the “Degree Progress Audit” link under the Tools for Student Success section
  • Sign in to the system with your eID and password
  • When the screen comes up you will immediately see the last Audit run on your record, you need to re-run your Audit in order to have the most accurate Audit
  • Click on the “Request Audit Button” on the top right
  • Choose your Audit type:
    • Run for Current Program
    • Run a “What-if” Audit
  • Click on the “Run Audit” button at the bottom
  • A new page will pull up and when the current Audit is ready it will show in the list
  • Click on the “Audit – Open All Sections”

Requirement sections with a green check mark have been completed, and those listed in red with an “X” have not been completed. Sections not completed will list which courses/requirements need to be taken to fulfill the section.

Courses you are registered for (in progress /IP courses) will show on the Audit in the sections they will fulfill once completed.


Major Completion Maps

Major Completion Maps are designed to assist students and their advisors in building a semester-by-semester course schedule that will enable students to complete their baccalaureate degree within the minimum number of semesters established in the major’s program of study. These Maps are built in alignment with the University’s approved programs of study, and formatted to allow a student to sequentially maneuver through their degree program; naturally accomplishing pre-requisites and course restrictions in progression. Major Completion Maps are designed as a guide to assist students in navigating their official program of study. It is the responsibility of students, in consultation with their academic advisors, to ensure all program requirements, according to the official program of study, are satisfied.

Major Completion Maps are in the process of being developed for every program of study. To view the most current Major Completion Maps, please access the link from the General Catalog. If you do not see a Major Completion Map for your degree program, please reference your advisor for the most accurate degree planning information.