Graduation Contracts list all graduation requirements and allow the advisor and student to verify that all requirements will be met by the student during their anticipated graduation term.

The Registrar’s Office only verifies the degree requirements for Undergraduate students, while the Graduate School manages the evaluation of the completion of graduation requirements for Graduate Students. The details below describe this process.

Undergraduate Students:

Undergraduate candidates for graduation, after consultation with their advisor(s) must complete and sign a contract for each major, second major, minor, and certificate by the Friday of the second week of classes in their graduation term at the department office(s) of their majors/minors/certificates.

Each contract is your Degree Progress Audit (DARS) and will be used for final graduation certification. Students not completing degree requirements that term must sign another contract in the beginning of the term graduation requirements will be completed.

  1. Contracts (the Degree Progress Audit) are generated in the Registrar’s Office and sent to each major, second major, minor, and certificate departments approximately two weeks prior to the start of the term.
  2. Students will need to contact their major, second major, minor, and certificate departments once the contracts are available for the term in which they plan to graduate, to set up a time to sign their contracts.

Please note that some colleges and departments have additional processes (i.e. attendance at a ‘graduation orientation’) for signing the contract. If your department has an additional process, they will notify you.

Graduate Students:

The GS25: Application for Graduation Form is submitted to the Graduate School by the deadline date, as outlined on the Graduate School website, of the semester that you intend to complete your degree requirements.

Contact the Graduate School for full details related to your application for graduation.