Important things all students need to know prior to attending Commencement

  1. Be sure your address on RAMweb is correct and reflects where you wish to have your diploma mailed.  If it is not accurate make sure to update this information prior to attending commencement. A charge will be incurred for reshipping a diploma due to an incorrect address.
  2. Expect the diploma to be mailed within 6-8 weeks after the conferral of your degree.
  3. If a financial hold exists at the time of degree conferral your diploma will be held until the account is paid.
  4. If more than one term has lapsed since your degree was conferred and a financial hold has been in place, you will need to update your address on RAMweb and then contact the Degree and Transfer Evaluation unit in order to have your diploma released.
  5. Walking in a particular commencement ceremony does not mean that you have “graduated”.  We will begin a reconfirmation/double check of all degree requirements once the grade submission date has passed prior to posting the conferral of your degree.

CSU Commencement Ceremonies

Get all the details related to walking in your Commencement Ceremony! Learn about the Commencement schedule, getting your Grad Pack (cap and gown), parking information, and more.

Please note: At the time of the commencement ceremony, if you do not have a preprinted card with your name, you will need to fill one out manually and give it to the staff member there who is representing your college.