The Degree Progress Audit provides each student an individualized audit reflecting their progression through their degree program and serves as the graduation contract for all undergraduate students. A Degree Progress Audit verifies the completion of University Core Curriculum, program, minor, and interdisciplinary study requirements. The audit provides a dynamic report showing all courses required for a student to enhance student degree and program planning. Additionally, the audit includes how all transfer and CSU courses count towards a student’s degree.

Accessing your Degree Progress Audit

  • Log into RAMweb
  • Select “Degree Progress Audit (DARS)” under the Academic Planning and Progress section.
  • Sign in with your NetID and NetPassword.

When the screen comes up, the last audit run on your record automatically appears. You need to re-run your audit in order to have the most accurate audit. 

  • Select the “Request Audit” button on the top right.
  • Choose your audit type
    • Run for Current Program
    • Run a “What If” Audit
      • If you are looking to change your major, this tool will show you where your completed courses would fall and other courses you need to take.
  • Select the “Run Audit” button at the bottom of the page.
  • A new page will pull up, and when the current audit is ready, it will show in the list.
  • Select “Audit – Open all Sections.”

Requirement sections listed in green with a check mark have been completed, and those listed in red with an “X” have not been completed. Sections not completed will list all courses/requirements which still need to be completed to fulfill the section.

Courses you are registered for (in progress/IP courses) will show on the audit in the sections they will fulfill once completed.