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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have the option to request S/U Grading for my courses?

Yes. For Spring ’20, Fall ’20, Spring ’21, and Summer ’21, S/U grading was available for our Undergraduate students. Graduate and Professional Students, check with the Graduate School or DVM program, as applicable, to confirm S/U grading. However, there are many factors you should consider before selecting an S or U grade. If you are interested in selecting S/U grading for one the terms above, or if you are interested in reverting your S/U grades from the terms above back to the letter grade you originally received, email the Office of the Registrar.

Should I withdraw from a course or select a U grade?

It is best to consult with your academic advisor, academic success coordinator, or faculty advisor to determine which might be best for you.  Students deciding to withdrawal from an individual course will have that course appear on their transcript with a grade of ‘W’. This course will not apply to your GPA or fulfill degree requirements. Students earning a letter grade of a ‘D’ or ‘F’ can select a ‘U’ grade for Spring ’20, Fall ‘20, Spring ‘21, and Summer ’21. The U grade will be reflected on your transcript, the course will be removed from GPA calculations and will not fulfill degree requirements.

I missed the S/U Option deadline for previous classes. Can I still change one of my grades to an S or a U?

Yes! To start the process, email the Office of the Registrar. They will be happy to assist you.

I’m having a hard time finding classes with specific instructional methods (face to face and online). Is there way to do this?

Yes. The Class Schedule has an advanced search tool that can be used to find classes with specific characteristics. Follow the link and log in to view the help documentation.

I’m registered for classes, but I can’t figure out if they will be in-person or not. How can I tell?

Reference our Face to Face, Hybrid, or Online web page for more information on reading your class schedule.

If I am transferring courses from another institution that used Satisfactory or Pass grading, will they transfer in?

Regular academic courses completed with a “C-” or higher are generally accepted in transfer. Credit can be awarded for academic pass/fail courses in which a passing grade equivalent to a “C-” or higher was achieved.

All courses awarded an academic pass during the spring of 2020 will be eligible for transfer credit, regardless of the passing grade equivalent at the awarding institution.

I’ve been instructed to use Transferology to see how my credits will transfer in, but I’m not sure how. Can you help me?

The Office of Admissions made a Transferology tutorial video explaining how to use the system. 

What should I do if I have questions or concerns about my courses/academic performance during COVID-19?

To help students with impacts to their academics due to necessary COVID-19 public health measures to move courses online, temporary policies were put in place. For more information, visit the COVID 19 Student page.