Ready to request Planned Leave?

Colorado State University wishes to ensure that students fully understand the support that is available while deciding whether to take Planned Leave. Students who take Planned Leave may be experiencing difficulties for which additional support is available. Further, taking Planned Leave may set into motion other consequences that could delay a student’s progress towards graduation.

The University encourages each student to develop a plan for returning and completing his or her degree. The following expectations of the Planned Leave request process are designed to support these purposes.

To request Planned Leave, students are expected to:

  1. Meet with an Academic Advisor to review the general education and major requirements that need to be fulfilled upon return. The key advisor for the department may have some suggestions for allowing a student to continue his/her course of study without taking Planned Leave (e.g. taking courses through CSU Online or seeking assistance from other campus or community resources).
  2. Meet with current instructors/departments immediately to address any incomplete grades or questions and concerns about course work in progress that the student is expected to complete prior to taking Planned Leave.
  3. Meet with Student Financial Services to resolve a current outstanding balance and to discuss eligibility for loans, grants, scholarships (including Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)) and/or student employment/work study upon return.
  4. Meet with Residence Life regarding the housing contract (if applicable).
  5. Log in to RAMweb and follow the “Planned Leave” link under the Registration heading.


Additional Information:

  • Students cannot be simultaneously enrolled in courses AND taking Planned Leave.
  • Students may not graduate in their Planned Leave term. Students requesting Planned Leave must update their Intent to Graduate record via Registration Ready in RAMweb to a term beyond their requested Planned Leave term.
  • Planned Leave can be requested one semester prior to the Planned Leave term.
  • Planned Leave is not necessary to be absent for only the summer in between regular spring and fall enrollment.

Uncertain About Taking Planned Leave?

Students who are uncertain whether they want to use their one-time Planned Leave option are encouraged to register for courses during their normal registration window to create a “best case scenario” for courses during the semester in question. If it becomes clear the Planned Leave is necessary/desirable, students will be prompted to drop their courses before they can complete the Planned Leave request in RAMweb.

Need to Cancel your Planned Leave?

Students must contact the Registrar’s Office at (970) 491-4860 to cancel their Planned Leave. Students who cancel their Planned Leave late in the registration cycle may face additional challenges getting reinstated on short notice. For example, availability of courses, financial aid, and campus/local housing all may be impacted by a last minute decision to remain at CSU rather than taking Planned Leave.