Undergraduates: If you are considering adding a new or additional major, minor or concentration, or declaring one for the first time, please review the following information.

Current Students

Undergraduate Major, Minor, Concentration, or Certificate Changes are accomplished through the Undergraduate Change of Major, Second Major, Minor, Concentration or Certificate Form.

Student should complete Sections A and C (if applicable). If changing or adding, please print the form and take it to the new department to complete Section B. If completing only Sections A and C, please print and sign. Students or departments should return the printed forms to the Office of the Registrar, Centennial Hall.

Newly Admitted and Readmitted Students

Undergraduate students who are newly admitted or readmitted for a future term can change their primary major through the Office of Admissions before the first day of the term. The easiest way to change your major through Admissions is to:

  1. Log in to RAMweb
  2. Follow the link to “check your application status” in the Admissions section of RAMready.
  3. Select “Request Major Change” on your application status page
  4. Complete and submit the request form.

Major changes for newly admitted students take up to 24 hours to be visible in RAMweb and in the application status page. You will be notified if Admissions is unable to change your major to the major you’ve requested.

Readmitted Students Please Note: If you had a major AND a minor the last time you attended, you must RE-ADD your minor when you readmit.  The minor does not re-add automatically.

Registration Restrictions

If a student needs to register for a course that has Major, Minor, or Concentration restrictions prior to the Undergraduate Change of Major, Second Major, Minor, Concentration, or Certificate Form being processed in the Office of the Registrar, they should ask the course instructor or teaching department for a Major, Minor, Concentration Override so they can register for the restricted class.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are already accepted into their respective departments/programs and do not require this form.