To change your information with the University you will need to complete the following:

Preferred First Name

In keeping with CSU’s Principles of Community, we recognize that students may choose to be known by a preferred first name other than their legal name. Preferred first names may be a middle name, anglicized name, one that is in alignment with a student’s gender identity, a professional name, or nickname.

Preferred first names are displayed alongside legal last name (surname) in University systems and records, and are used to identify students in the classroom and other places on campus. Your legal first name may be necessary for official University business (e.g., financial aid, tax forms, health insurance records, etc.). The University makes every effort to have preferred first names appear throughout our systems, where possible.


About your Legal Name:

Your full legal name is used in University processes, including but not limited to:

  • Official and unofficial academic transcripts
  • Enrollment and degree verifications
  • Billing and financial aid records, including the College Opportunity Fund (COF)
  • Collections
  • Insurance records (CSU Health Network)
  • Legal Housing contracts
  • Military and veterans services
  • Passport names for international students
  • NCAA reports
  • FAMweb

To make changes to your full legal name, see the “Legal Name, Social Security Number, and/or Birth Date Changes” section of this page.


About your Preferred First Name:

After submitting a preferred first name in RAMweb, your preferred first name will be used in the following University processes:

  • Class rosters (full legal name will also be listed)
  • Advisee rosters (used by advisors; full legal name will also be listed)
  • CSU Directory
  • Canvas
  • Housing
  • CSU Health Network
  • eID
  • CSU email system ( display. See the “Preferred First Name FAQ” section for additional details.


How to change your Preferred First Name:

Visit RAMweb

  • Sign in with your eID and password
  • Select the Menu on the top right corner
  • Click on “Records” on the right hand side, near the bottom
  • Choose “Manage Student Record”
  • Select “Preferred First Name”
  • Choose the “Edit” button on the top right corner of the box
  • Enter your preferred first name and submit

Preferred first names may not be obscene, offensive, or disruptive. The University reserves the right to remove a preferred first name if it contains this language. Please follow up with the Registrar’s Office upon notification that your preferred name has been removed to make further adjustments.

A preferred first name should:

  • Be free of special characters (ex: ‘!@%&()$*)
  • Start with a capital letter
  • Follow the guidelines listed above
  • Accurately represent how you want to be addressed on campus.

Additional resources regarding preferred first name are available in the “Preferred First Name FAQ” section below.

Preferred First Name FAQs

You may need to make the following changes on campus regarding your Preferred First Name:


  • Email Alias: Change First.Last name email alias by logging into the eID system.

Diploma Name:

  • As you approach graduation, one of your Registration Ready items in RAMweb will be entering your preferred diploma name. This will also be the name used in the Commencement Program. If you want your preferred first name to be used, you can enter it in the “First Name” field when completing this Registration Ready step.


  • RamCards will default to your legal name. Preferred first names may be added to your RamCard after your preferred name has been submitted via RAMweb.

To add your preferred first name to your RamCard:

  • Enter your preferred first name in RAMweb
  • Wait 3 business days for your preferred first name to take effect in University systems
  • Go to the RamCard Office to request that your preferred first name be added. See the RamCard site for additional details about getting your RamCard.

Legal Name, Social Security Number, and/or Date of Birth Changes

  1. Log onto RAMweb or RAMrecords
  2. Click on the “Manage My Student Records” link under the Records section
  3. On the next page, click on “Change My Name, SSN, or Date of Birth”
  4. Complete the online form and upload the required documentation through the secure document upload.

Address Changes

  1. Log onto RAMweb
  2. Click on “Manage My Student Record”
  3. On the next page click on “Change My Address”
  4. Once you are redirected choose either Mailing Address or Local Address
  5. Fill in the blanks for your new address and then click “Validate”
  6. It will return to ask you to select one of the addresses listed or click on “Submit”.

Phone Changes

You may update your Telephone Number or your Billing Telephone Number through the “Change My Telephone” link on RAMweb or RAMrecords .