Veterans Benefits

Welcome to Colorado State University! The Office of Veterans Benefits is appreciative of your service to our country and is happy to assist you with your transition and continuous stay at Colorado State University.


New Start for Student Veterans!

The New Start Program is here to support post 9/11 veterans who have sustained injuries and/or are living with post-traumatic stress, as they transition from military to college life.  Through this program you can receive assistance with getting organized; using tools and strategies to help with memory, concentration or physical challenges; using technology that will make learning easier; planning for and tackling difficult assignments; and excelling at your new mission - to get a degree from CSU. 

There is also the New Start outdoor recreation program where you can go climbing, rafting, fishing, hiking, running and an array of other activities with fellow student veterans.  New Start supports are provided to student veterans at no charge.  To get started send an email to:  or call 970-491-5930.


New Scholarship Opportunity: Liniger Family Honor, Service and Commitment Scholarship


It is IMPERATIVE that you keep track of how much time you have remaining with your benefit.  The VA does not communicate that information to us and if we are not aware that you are close to or have exhausted your benefit you may experience a mid-semester change in benefit.  This can result in the removal of your VA placeholder for tuition and fee payment and you would be responsible for payment back to CSU or the VA.

The average time, according to the VA for payment is 8 weeks.  This, however, is not a definitive number for all of those who have been certified for the Summer 2014 term.  If you would like to have a better idea of when to expect payment we would recommend the following:

  1. You can call the VA National Call Center at 1-888-442-4551
  2. You can pose a question in writing and get a reply back by going to
  3. You can contact our office for assistance


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