Tuition & Fees

Total tuition and fee charges are based on the sum of base tuition and fees, charges for technology, special course fees, and additional tuition (undergraduates only).*

Base Tuition & General Fees:

     Undergraduate Colorado Resident

     Undergraduate Non-Resident

     Western Undergraduate Exchange Student (WUE)


     Graduate Professional Program Charges

     Professional Veterinary Medicine (PVM)

     English Language Program Tuition and Fees

     GUEST Tuition and Fees


Additional Charges & Fees:

     Charges for Technology

     Special Course Fees 

     Undergraduate Differential Tuition


Other Information:

     Breakdown of General Fees

     Tuition & Fee Assessment Term Definitions

     Total Costs of Attendance

     *Tuition and Fees Calculator


Summer 2015 Tuition & Fees