Transfer Guides for Colorado Students

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These Transfer Guides provide information for students attending Colorado Community & Junior Colleges who are interested in transferring to Colorado State University in a particular major. The courses listed in these guides use the course titles & numbers from the colleges listed below.

These guides can also be used by students from other Colorado Institutions of Higher Education. For more information about course equivalents for your institution, please see the Colorado Department of Higher Education's website.


 Colorado Community & Junior Colleges:

     Aims Community College                                 Morgan Community College                  

     Arapahoe Community College                           Northeastern Junior College

     Colorado Mountain College                               Otero Junior College

     Colorado Northwestern Community College        Pikes Peak Community College  

     Community College of Aurora                            Pueblo Community College 

     Community College of Denver                            Red Rocks Community College

     Front Range Community College                        Trinidad State Junior College

     Lamar Community College 


  • Community college courses numbered below 100 are non-transferable    
  • Only credit hours are transferable and can be applied to a student's CSU record. Grades and grade point averages are not recorded on the student's record.
  • The community college courses listed on each guide may not be offered at all schools. For more information about finding other transfer course equivalencies please see the "Finding Transfer Course Equivalencies (" link under Transfer Evaluation on the right side of the page.
  • A grade of "C-" or better must be earned for transfer credit to be awarded.
  • Your transfer institution may have different designated Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (GT Pathways) courses than others. For a complete listing of your institutions GT Pathways courses please refer to the statewide list on the Colorado Department of Higher Education's website.
  • Refer to the "Transfer Evaluation & Acceptance Policies" link under Transfer Evaluation, on the right side of the page, for additional information on course applicability & the evaluation process. 
  • Some majors at Colorado State University have specific entrance requirements. For more information about CSU competitive majors which have these restrictions please see the Office of Admissions website.
  • Students interested in applying for admission to Colorado State University should see the Office of Admissions website.


Archive of Transfer Guides

Curricular innovations occasionally require updates to the listed courses in Transfer Guides. When that occurs, Transfer Guides that were previously published but are no longer in effect are moved to this Archive. Outdated Transfer Guides that have been moved to this Archive will continue to be honored for 2 calendar years after their end date.

All end dates for a Transfer Guide will be in the summer semester. The 2-year period for which guides will be honored includes students that start in the fall semester after the 2 years has elapsed.  (i.e. A guide that ended in Summer 2010 would have been honored for students that started their first course at CSU by the Fall 2012 semester). Students must transfer with an AA/AS completed at a Colorado Community College and have completed all the coursework identified on the guide in order for the guarantee of a minimum number of credits for completion of the degree program to be honored.

Students who have been following an outdated Transfer Guide and begin courses at CSU after the 2-year period has elapsed will not be guaranteed that they can finish that major in the minimum number of credits established for the program. For questions or concerns please contact the Degree and Transfer Evaluation unit at 970-491-7159.

Agricultural Business

Agricultural Business Fall 2010 to Summer 2013

Animal Science Major

Animal Science   Spring 2011 to Summer 2013

Computer Science Major

Computer Science Fall 2005 to Summer 2009

Forestry Major

Forest Biology concentration Fall 2010 to Fall 2012

Forest Management concentration Fall 2010 to Summer 2012

Geology Major

Geology BS Spring 2005 to Summer 2008

Geology BS Fall 2008 to Summer 2010

Horticulture Major

Horticulture Business Management concentration Fall 2012 to Summer 2013

Soil and Crop Sciences Major

Soil and Crop Sciences Fall 2010 to Summer 2013

Soil Resources and Conservation concentration Fall 2010 to Summer 2011

Wildlife Biology Major

Wildlife Biology concentration Fall 2004 to Summer 2006