Statewide Agreements & Transfer Guides

Statewide Agreements

The purpose of a statewide transfer articulation agreement is to identify the courses a student at a Colorado public community college must complete as part of an Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree to be guaranteed to be able to complete a bachelor's degree program (B.A. or B.S.) at any public four-year college or university that offers that bachelor's degree program.


Agricultural Business (BS) -- Effective Fall 2013

Animal Science (BS) -- Effective Fall 2013

Anthropology (BA) -- Effective Fall 2012

Business (BS) -- Recentered Spring 2011 

Based on Finance concentration

Early Childhood Education -- Updated March 4 2014

Early Childhood Education -- Effective through Summer 2014

Based on Human Development & Family Studies Major

Economics (BA) -- Effective Summer 2011

Engineering (All) - Effective Spring 2009

Engineering Articulation Agreement - CSU Course Matrix

French (BA) -- Effective Fall 2012

History (BA) -- Effective Summer 2011

Based on Liberal Arts or General History concentration

Mathematics (BS) -- Effective Summer 2011

Based on General Mathematics concentration

Political Science (BA) -- Effective Fall 2012

Psychology (BS) -- Effective Summer 2011

Based on General Psychology concentration

Sociology (BA) -- Effective Fall 2012

Based on General Sociology concentration

Soil and Crop Sciences (BS) -- Effective Fall 2013

Spanish (BA) -- Effective Summer 2011


Transfer Guides

Besides gtPathways and the articulation and transfer agreements CSU has Transfer Guides may apply to you. If you complete an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree, 60 credit hours of your A.A. or A.S. degree are guaranteed to transfer to CSU, once you are accepted for admission. And, you may be able to finish a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree within another 60 credit hours. This is called a 60 + 60 transfer plan. Note that some bachelor’s degrees require more than an additional 60 credits to complete. When in doubt, speak to an advisor.


Agricultural Economics concentration (BS)

Agronomic Production Management concentration (BS)

Art:  Studio concentration (BA only)

Biochemistry (BS)

Biological Sciences (BS)

Chemistry: ACS Certified concentration (BS)

Communication Studies (BA)

English: Literature concentration (BA)

Equine Science (BS)

Farm and Ranch Management concentration (BS)


German (BA)

Health & Exercise Science:

Horticulture Business Management (BS)

Human Development & Family Studies (BS)

Journalism & Technical Communication: News-editorial concentration (BA)

Microbiology (BS)

Music (BA)

Natural Resource Economics concentration (BS)

Natural Resource Recreation & Tourism concentration (BS)

Philosophy: General Philosophy concentration (BA)

Physics (BS)

Rangeland Ecology: Restoration Ecology (BS)

Social Work (BSW)

Theatre (BA)

Watershed Science (BS)


Colorado State University is in the process of expanding this list of Transfer Guides. If you do not see the major you are interested in listed here, please contact the Transfer Student Center. The staff at the Transfer Student Center will be happy to work with you individually to plan your transition to Colorado State University.