Students who have completed courses in higher education want to know which colleges and universities will accept those courses and apply them to a degree.  Transferology™ enables students, advisors, faculty and administrators to obtain consistent and accurate information about how courses will transfer from one institution to another, and how courses will apply to meet academic program requirements at other institutions.  

At CSU, Transferology™ is a database of selected accredited institutions in the U.S. and some recognized international institutions, their courses and how those courses will transfer to Colorado State University.  All public institutions in Colorado and Wyoming are part of this database and, in addition, many frequently transferred courses from selected institutions in other states.  

You can access Transferology™ by doing to the website  You will need to create an account in order to access the course information.  It is a quick and simple process.

If a particular institution or course is not listed in Transferology, please contact:

Degree and Transfer Evaluation unit
email at
phone at (970)491-7159
in person in Centennial Hall