Taking Courses at Another Institution While Being Enrolled at CSU 

Enrolled students who wish to take undergraduate courses at another institution to transfer to Colorado State University should first determine how the courses will be accepted in transfer. To do so the student will need to access Transferology.

For more information about Transferology please see the Find A Transfer Course Equivalency link under the Transfer Evaluation section.


If Transferology does not have the desired institution or course listed, or shows a different equivalent than what is desired by the student, the student will need to take the Permission To Register for Off-Campus Coursework Form to the academic department which teaches the course they wish to receive credit for. The appropriate academic department must determine if the course(s) can be accepted as the desired equivalent. If the department approves the student’s request the signed form must be returned to the Registrar’s Office prior to the course being transferred to CSU.

Students wishing to take courses at an international institution will need to have the Registrar’s Office evaluate the courses to determine how they will be accepted in transfer.

To do so the student will need supply the Registrar’s Office with an English copy of the course description and/or syllabus of each course they wish to take by email at internationalevaluation@colostate.edu, or in person in Centennial Hall.

Students are responsible for insuring an official transcript will be sent to the Registrar’s Office after the completion of the off-campus course work. No credit will be evaluated until an official transcript has been received.