Diploma Orders

Diploma reprints for Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D. or Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees can be ordered by filling out and submitting the Diploma Request Form.  Students who have been awarded the professional degree for a Doctor of Veterinary medicine may order a 14" x 17" diploma using the same form.  

Refer to the Diploma Request form for processing and printing fees, shipping options and the time required to process the request.  

Forms can be submitted via mail, as an attachment to an email at DegreeOffice@colostate.edu or brought to the Registrar's Office in Centennial Hall, Room 100.

Please be sure RAMweb indicates your current mailing address.  If you graduated more than one year ago, you will need to update your address in RAMrecords.  Both RAMweb and RAMrecords may be accessed here:  https://ramweb.colostate.edu/index.aspx.


For more information about obtaining an Apostille, please go to the website at: http://registrar.colostate.edu/apostille-request-certification 


revised: 20 January 2015