Undergraduate Planned Leave

The deadline to apply for Planned Leave is 12:00 pm Mountain Time (noon) on the Thursday prior to the start of classes each term.

Undergraduate Planned Leave is a status that allows students to take a one-time, one semester leave for any regular fall or spring semester.  Unlike simply "stopping-out," registering for a Planned Leave allows students to maintain eligibility for University enrollment without needing to pursue the full readmission process.

Examples for which students may need to take time away from CSU include:  Internship, research, or study opportunities elsewhere in the U.S.; military service; mission/service; medical, family or financial reasons; physical inability to attend on campus classes; academic goal evaluation; career exploration or work.


Eligibility Requirements

Instructions for Requesting Planned Leave

Instructions for Returning from Planned Leave

Check Sheet

Impacts of Planned Leave:

  • To financial aid, scholarships, campus employment, residency, veterans' benefits
  • To academic records, registration, advising, graduation
  • For NCAA D1 Athletes
  • For International Students

University Readmission Guidelines (Options to Planned Leave)

Planned Leave Resources for Students & Advisors



Eligibility Requirements

The University's Undergraduate Planned Leave policy allows students to take a one-time, one semester leave of absence for any regular fall or spring semester without needing to pursue the full readmission process.

To qualify for Planned Leave, a student must be:

  1. Undergraduate Degree Seeking Student (whether enrolled in Resident Instruction (RI) or OnlinePlus (CE) courses) seeking first bachelor’s degree


  1. in Good Academic standing or on Academic Probation 1 or 2


Additionally, students must meet the following general guidelines:

  1. Must have been enrolled as a degree-seeking student for at least one semester prior to requesting Planned Leave.
  2. Must have approval of designated departments in specialized cases (refer to Impacts for NCAA D1 Athletes and Impacts for International Students).
  3. Must meet all published deadlines and procedures for applying for Planned Leave (refer to Instructions to Request a Planned Leave).


Students who are NOT eligible for Planned Leave include:

  1. Students enrolled as second bachelor's candidates (refer to the Office of Admissions for information for returning students)
  2. Graduate Students (refer instead to the University's Continuous Registration policy)
  3. Dismissed Students (work with your academic advisor, or if you need further assistance, with the Center for Advising and Student Achievement (CASA) to discuss strategies for academic success and the Office of Admissions to establish a plan for meeting the requirements to return)
  4. Students who missed the published deadline to apply for Planned Leave (refer to the Office of Admissions for information for returning students)
  5. Students whose only enrollment at CSU has been as a non-degree student or who were not enrolled in the semester immediately prior to the desired Planned Leave term.
  6. Students who have been admitted to but have not yet enrolled at CSU (Contact the Office of Admissions to inquire about deferring admission for one semester or one year)
  7. Students who already have exhausted their one semester of Planned Leave in a prior term
  8. Students who intend to stop out for more than one semester (refer to the Office of Admissions for information for returning students; students whose extended absence will be due to military service also should contact Adult Learner and Veteran's Services Office and (if receiving benefits) the Veteran's Benefits Office)
  9. Students participating in any kind of "for-credit" study, internship, volunteer, research or work experience outside of the U.S. (refer to the Office of International Programs Study Abroad)


University Withdrawals and Planned Leave Eligibility:

  1. Students can be eligible for Planned Leave even if they have taken a University Withdrawal during the semester immediately prior to the Planned Leave semester.
  2. Students who have done a University Withdrawal can apply for Planned Leave either BEFORE or AFTER completing the University Withdrawal process.  In these situations, the official transcript will reflect a semester of University Withdrawal followed by a semester of Planned Leave.
  3. Registration Cancelation does NOT allow for Planned Leave the following semester.  Instead, Registration Cancelation reflects as no enrollment history for the term (as if the student did not enroll at all, even if she/he had enrolled and subsequently was withdrawn with a 100% refund).