The Repeat Delete option allows undergraduate students to repeat a course and have the grade earned -the first time the course was taken - removed from their GPA calculation.

  • Maximum number of repeat deletes allowed:  THREE (totaling no more than 12 credits)
  • Repeat Delete needs to be applied the first time a student repeats a course.

The undergraduate Repeat Delete Form is due no later than the last day of the Course Withdrawal  period of the term in which you are taking the course for the second time. Once you have submitted the form to the Registrar’s Office, allow one to three weeks for processing. To check on the status of your repeat delete request click on the “Repeat/Delete” link on RAMweb under Registration.

  •  Unless Repeat Delete is exercised, all grades earned in a repeated course will be used in calculating the GPA.
  •  Repeated credits earned are only used once to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • You may exercise the repeat delete option up to a maximum of 12 credits and no more than three courses total (effective Spring 2014 forward).
  • To exercise the Repeat Delete option students must complete the Repeat Delete Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office before the expiration of the course withdrawal period for the course during the semester in which the course is repeated.
  • A complete explanation of the Repeat Delete policy is available on the Repeat Delete Form .
  • If a student has documentable extenuating circumstances or university error for why they did not submit the Repeat Delete Form by the deadline, they can submit a Repeat Delete Appeal Form to request that Repeat Delete be applied to their course after the deadline.
  • Repeat Delete is not available for Graduate Students.

Refer to the CSU Catalog for additional information: Repeat Delete .