To change your information with the University you will need to complete the following:

Name, Social Security Number, and/or Date of Birth Changes

  1. Log onto RAMweb or RAMrecords
  2. Click on the “Manage My Student Records” link under the Records section
  3. On the next page, click on “Change My Name, SSN, or Date of Birth”
  4. Complete the online form and upload the required documentation through the secure document upload.

Address Changes

  1. Log onto RAMweb
  2. Click on “Manage My Student Record”
  3. On the next page click on “Change My Address”
  4. Once you are redirected choose either Mailing Address or Local Address
  5. Fill in the blanks for your new address and then click “Validate”
  6. It will return to ask you to select one of the addresses listed or click on “Submit”.

Phone Changes

You may update your Telephone Number or your Billing Telephone Number through the “Change My Telephone” link on RAMweb or RAMrecords .